Preliminary Program

Preliminary Program

(Program is subject to changes)

Plenary Speakers

  • J. Biederman (Topic TBA)
  • The Many Aspects of COVID-19 and What did we Learn from It? I. Manor
  • Conceptualizing ADHD as Neurodiversity: How does it Change ADHD Science? – E. Sonuga-Barke
  • New Insights on ADHD Trajectories Across the Life Cycle? – L. Rohde
  • ADHD as a Systems Disease – J. Buitelaar
  • Symptoms and EF in Youth at the Community – M. Weiss

Partial List of Symposia

  • ADHD and Preschoolers
  • Adult ADHD and CBT as a Treatment: College Student
  • From a Difficult Child to a Complex Patient: Coping with Adult ADHD Patient in Primary Care. The Role of the GP and How to Accomplish It?
  • Treating ADHD Parent-child Dyads
  • Presenting a Case of an Adult with ADHD and Comorbid Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (Hypermobility Syndrome) and Suspected Mast Cell Activation Syndrome – Assessment Insights and Management Implications
  • The Many Aspects of COVID-19 Influence on ADHD
  • Genetics and Diagnostics
  • ADHD and Inflammation Processes
  • Medical Comorbidities:  AHDH in Chronically ill Patients
  • Dysregulation Disorders
  • New Medications and Treatments
  • Specific Populations


Education of ADHD in Different Countries and the Struggle with Disinformation and the Media


Should Psychiatry Merge with Neurology?

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