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Tue, Jun 7, 2022

Plenary Session 1– The cognitive similarities of ASD and ADHD, a scoping review on the executive function literature pertaining to ASD and ADHD | Russell Schachar

Plenary Session 3 – The Future Evolution of the ADHD Diagnosis: Where will we be in 2072? | Sam Goldstein

Wed, Jun 8, 2022

Plenary Session 4– Two years of Covid or what happened when the world shook up? | Iris Manor

Plenary Session 5 – Conceptualizing ADHD as Neurodiversity: How does it change ADHD science? | Edmund Sonuga Barke

New and advanced Technologies and measurements Symposia (Part 1)

Mobile Patient-customized Outcome Measures for Adult ADHD Treatment Monitoring | Craig Surman

Validity of computerized adaptive test as a test accommodation for examinees with ADHD on the psychometric entrance test | Tamar Malinovitch and Avital Tasmut

Trans Cranial Brain Stimulation| Itai Berger

Covid symposium 2

Lessons from children’s excessive digital media use during COVID-19 | Naama Gershy

Adolescents with ADHD versus Adolescent Onset: Issues and Lessons Learned During Covid-19 | Mark Stein

Plenary Session 7– Adult ADHD and CBT as a treatment | Mary Solanto

Thursday, Jun 9, 2022

Plenary session 8– ADHD as a systemic disease| Jan Buitelaar

ADHD beyond the DSM criteria Symposium

Sleep disorders in adults | Sandra Kooij Click here for the PDF Presentation File

ADHD and time perception | Shirley Hershko

Working memory and response time variability as endophenotypes for ADHD: evidence from the ABCD study | Mark Bellgrove

Presenting a case of an adult with ADHD and comorbid Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (hypermobility syndrome) and suspected Mast Cell Activation Syndrome – assessment insights and management implications | James Kustow

ADHD and inflammation process symposia

The inflammatory system across several disorders via the mitochondrial DNA | Vanessa Goncalves

Does Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Increase the Vulnerability to Childhood Infectious Diseases? A Population-Based Case-Control Study | Iris Manor

Inflammatory mechanisms in ADHD | Eugene Merzon

Inflammatory Diseases in childhood and ADHD | Itai Berger

Genetics and Neurophysiology symposia

An update on the genetics and pharmacogenetics of ADHD | James Kennedy

Biological pathways from genes to behavior in ADHD – where do we stand? | Barbara Franke

Maladaptive fronto-parietal connectivity as a mechanism of deficient response inhibition in ADHD | Tamar Kolodny

Medical comorbidities: ADHD in Chronically ill patients symposia

Diabetes and ADHD | Eugene Merzon

Hormonal mood changes during the lifespan in women with ADHD | Sandra Kooij Click here for the PDF Presentation File

An overview of the intriguing relationship between Hypermobility and ADHD | James Kustow

Plenary session 9 -Symptoms and EF in youth at the community | Margaret Danielle Weiss

ADHD and Specific populations Symposia

ADHD in the ultra-orthodox community | Einat Yaari

Evidence for Pharmacological Effects on Emotionality in Adults with ADHD from Clinical Trials | Craig Surman

ADHD in Girls and Women | Itai Berger

ADHD in older people | Sandra Kooij Click here for the PDF Presentation File

New and advanced Technologies and measurements symposia (part 2)

Computational psychiatry in the service of ADHD diagnosis: Prospects and challenges | Nitzan Shahar

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